EcoEnergia having conscience of the obligations that derives from the customer list that has created and preparative to function smoothly all the photovoltaic stations of its customers, proceeded in below:

  • Organized central warehouses with stock machinery and products that has placed in the photovoltaic stations of its customers, for direct replacement of equipment that will be required.
  • Founded companies and subsidiary stores in all Greece with trained administrative personnel, for convenient and responsible information of customers and candidate investors. This action results in the direct customers’ service without delays and unnecessary expenses in all sectors, starting from the issue of the production license and the study up to the final completion of the project. What is more, EcoEnergia knows that afterwards the completion of a photovoltaic station for its proper operation, as well as for the in-time intervention in the case of breakdown, is required trained technical personnel locally installed for the cover of customers of every region.