P/V Construnction
The construction of a photovoltaic station is, perhaps, the most important point in an energy investment, for the reason that the high efficiency and the 20-year regular operation depend, to a large extent, from the construction quality.

Undeniably, the quality of equipment is the determinant in the final result, in the regular operation and in the power efficiency of the station. However, there are many examples in the photovoltaic market that demonstrate on the one side good quality of equipment and simultaneously on the other side mediocre results of efficiency.

It is scientifically documented and practically proven that a reliable application study, which includes the proportional quality of materials of construction and is accompanied by a strict supervision during the construction, plays the most important role in the result of efficiency and the unhindered 20-year operation of the photovoltaic station.

In this sector of study and construction, EcoEnergia surpasses in the constructional market of the photovoltaic projects. The 20-year experience that allocate the shareholders and executives of the company in the field of electromechanical projects, the numerous application studies they have worked out and the hundreds electromechanical projects they have materialised until now, can provide the secure of the high qualitative construction without compromises, a fact that has been proven by the efficiency and regular operation results of the operated stations.