Technical Support
The reliability and responsibility of a technical company of studies and construction of photovoltaic parks are not referred only to the proper study and the qualitative construction of the station, but also to the continuous and uninterrupted operation. For the reason that the daily or even hourly loss of production cannot be substituted, EcoEnergia emphasized on this sensitive sector that is constituted from the direct and fast dealing with the problems of a photovoltaic station, apart from the place it is set.

For this reason, EcoEnergia organized technical trained cooperators’ network for direct intervention and support, without loss of production and, at extension, money. In this way, a customer that has signed a service contract knows that apart from the regular operation of station because of the six-month maintenance, they have also direct fixing of damages in any part of Greece functions the photovoltaic station.

ECOENERGIA is for  the last six years official partner of ABB regarding the company's photovoltaic inverters providing technical support to ABB customers throughout Northern Greece.